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I can not begin to tell you how honored I am to have photographed the 2nd surrogate birth for this amazing family. To this day, one of my most memorable photography experiences was photographing the birth of their first born, Francesca.  So, I was thrilled they wanted me to do it all over again for Jake!…

The Birth of Francesca Isabella

This past week, an opportunity was given to photograph the birth of Francesca Isabella, via surrogate. This particular birth story is special, something incredibly unique. Dayna was selfless enough to give 9 very long months of her life to do something amazing for Joey and Jon. She gave them the opportunity to be parents by being…

Michelle Bouve OermanDecember 6, 2015 - 11:21 pm

This is so beautiful. Dayna is a friend of my daughter’s…such a wonderful family story filled with love!!!Congratulations Jon and Joey!


I got a text message at at 11:13pm on Monday night saying “We’re headed to the hospital.” I managed to get myself there by 11:30pm, and the wait began. We spent a good hour wondering if we would be sticking around, or if they were going to be sending Shannon home. Her contractions were close…

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